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How to connect to a web service???


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I am banging my head on how to produce the appropriate code
to connect to a

web service I created locally.

I have a local web service:


I am trying to figure out how to write a correct
<mx:WebService> to connect

to it so I can go on and bang my head on how to then bind the
results to


I am attempting to follow the manual on this topic but it
goes all over the

place and my newbie mind can't wrap my head around it.

I tried this:

<mx:WebService id="get_projects"



But I keep getting: The prefix "mx" for element
"mx:WebService" is not


I tried to find out more about it and thought I had to add:

<mx:operation name="getProjects">





But I have no idea on what to put in the request section per
each title


And anyone show me how to write a correct
<mx:WebService> statement to be

able to connect to my web service?!

And if anyone is really bored:

The query results in 5 fields of data (project_title,
p_height, p_width,

p_type, live)

How do I then bind the project_title results to a label?


Wally Kolcz

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For information on integrating ColdFusion web services with
Flex, I'd recommend you take a look at the "ColdFusion/Flex
Connectivity" on Adobe Labs. This article includes complete code
examples -


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Have you got rpc.swc in your project classpath?