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How to check digit


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If Digit(Curency) is entered in field the value will be added. If not digit, just alphabate not added to the total field.

Text1 value = "A"

Text2 value = "$2.00"

Text3 value = "$4.70"

Total =Text2 value+Text3 value.

How to check filed value contains digit?

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Level 10


One way of parsing a currency amount is to add a hidden decimal field, with the display patterns you need, then assign the string with currency symbol to the formattedValue.  If it matches the pattern then the rawValue will be set just as a straight number.

So try;

function parseCurrency(string)


    var result = 0;

    if (string !== null && string !== undefined)


        DecimalField1.rawValue = null;

        DecimalField1.formattedValue = string;

        if (!DecimalField1.isNull)


            result = parseFloat(DecimalField1.rawValue);



    return result;


var Total = parseCurrency(TextField1.rawValue);

Total += parseCurrency(TextField2.rawValue);

Total += parseCurrency(TextField3.rawValue);

With a display pattern of num{$zzz,zzz,zz9.88}|num{$zzzzzzzz9.88} for DecimalField1




Level 2

Hi Bruce

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Thanks for your reply.