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How to access form data in a mobile form


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I have been building 'regular' xfa forms intended for use through the Flex workspace for a few months now and have become pretty good with that. Our processes are involved so the forms are pretty javascript heavy. My agency wants to start building forms for the Mobile workspace instead. Today I am doing some POC forms but running into problems already. Normally, if I wanted to access the form data in a javascript event, I'd use xfa.datasets.data.SchemaRootName, etc, but that doesn't work when rendered in HTML - xfa.data is undefined - and I haven't been able to find a way to get to it. How can it be referenced in an HTML rendered form?

I have read just about every page I can find on mobile forms, especially the scripting references ones (see links below to a few that had some helpful info but did not answer this question), and I haven't found any answers or examples I can use.

LiveCycle Help | Scripting support

Adobe LiveCycle ES4 * Object-Level Scripting Support

LiveCycle Help | Mobile Forms - Developer

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Try marking that script run at server.