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How should I start learning about SAP?


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I'm working as a MS developer working to provide bridging products between MS technology and SAP.

I'm used to the MS space which seems to have an absolutely different philosophy than SAP. And this is starting to be an issue - I can't "get" SAP.

So, what are good materials to "grok" SAP? - understand why people buy it, how it is used from a business standpoint, how to look at the architecture from a technology standpoint, learn how it is structured, what are the important tools in SAP MM, and gasp how do I learn how to read ABAP? shudder


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Why do you choose to ask us? What about Adobe's LiveCycle Designer seems to make it part of the SAP:MS world? Why do you post material from a 9 year old StackOverflow question How should I start learning about SAP? - Stack Overflow  with an added link which answers the very question you would have us believe you asked? Would you buy second hand training from a lying spammer?