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How many times can I use a form?


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Hi Everyone,

Can anyone explain what this means? (text below) If I make a form in LiveCycle Designer and then I extend it so that other users can fill it out...Does that mean that only 500 people can use the form?

If so, then...I am dumbfounded and disappointed.

What must be purchased in order to allow more than 500 people to use an extended form?

Thanks All.

"15.12.3. For any unique Extended Document, you may only either (a) Deploy such Extended Document to an unlimited number of unique recipients but shall not extract information from more than five hundred (500) unique instances of such Extended Document or any hardcopy representation of such Extended Document containing filled form fields; or (b) Deploy such extended Document to no more than five hundred (500) unique recipients without limits on the number of times you may extract information from such Extended Document returned to you filled-in by such Recipients. Notwithstanding anything herein to the contrary, obtaining additional licenses to use Acrobat Pro or Acrobat Pro Extended shall no increase the foregoing limits (that is, the foregoing limits are the aggregate total limits regardless of how many additional licenses to use Acrobat Pro or Acrobat Pro Extended you may have obtained).

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There are two parts to your question, even though one is implicit.

Question 1 (implicit): Can I have an unlimited number of people fill in and submit the data for a form?

Answer 1: Yes.  Reader has always allowed an unlimited number of people fill in a form as part of a web transaction and submit the results.  And, there have always been an unlimited number of times that someone can store the form (with no data filled in) on local systems or media or print the form.

Question 2: Then what is the 500 user limit referred to with the reader extensions talking about?

Answer 2: Reader Extensions is a capability enabled by the LiveCycle Reader Extensions server, or Acrobat (in the limited cases you quote from the EULA) to let a user save a form on a local system with data filled into it.  You can read more about it on the product page; the number of forms or recipients are part of the terms of the server license. Acrobat Pro can reader-extend a subset of the capabilities of the server product (only local form data save, signatures and commenting; not pdf spawn pages, web services or ODBC data access) and it only allows the 500 users in the two cases in the EULA for form data save.

To make this more clear, consider two cases... a form that is not reader-extended (RE) and one that is.

  • Not RE: You can get a form from a website, fill it in, and then submit the data by HTTP or email. However, if you save the form on your local system, the form that is saved is the blank form without the data.
  • RE:You can get a form from a website, fill it in, and then submit the data by HTTP or email. But also, the user can save a copy of his form with the data filled in for his archival purposes. They can also start filling out the form, save it locally, come back and work on the data later, save again, and then finally submit.  The submit can be done by the same HTTP or email methods as above or the user can even choose to send the entire form back and have the werver process extract the data. (If you choose to reader extend through Acrobat, this use case is subject to the EULA limitations).

I hope that helps.


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I hear that there are certain limitations to the forms reader extended with the help of Acrobat.

But, If you Reader extend the form using LiveCycle Reader Extensions, It can be used by unlimited no.of people.



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Hi Chuck,

Thank you for your response.

Please excuse my density, but I just want to create my own example and see what you think.

I create a form using Live Cycle and I enable it so that others can fill it out. I do not put it on a web site. I send it to people. Those people fill it out, save it, and send it back. How many times can I do that?




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With respect to Chuck, his response with respect to Acrobat (Pro or Standard) is not entirely accurate. The Acrobat License Agreement specifically allows you to distribute an enabled document to an unlimited number of recipients (as you can do when making it available on a web site). If you distribute an enabled form to 500 or fewer recipients, there is no limit on the number of returned forms you can use.

The license limits you to using data from no more than 500 unique instances of an enabled form that have been returned to you, including hard copies, but only if you distribute it to more than 500 users. It limits what you can do with returned forms, not what the recipients of the form are able to do. It does not limit the recipients from saving any number of filled-in forms, nor does it limit how many times a filled-in form can be submitted/returned.


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George is correct: I did simplify my response a bit.  I've spent more of my time telling people about the unlimited situations that Reader Extensions is NOT needed for, as that is a place where people commonly get hung up.

There is one remaining part of the answer to the original poster's question. There is no limit to the number of forms that you can reader-extend; it's just the 500 limit in the two different use cases for each individual form.


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Would you mind adding a comment to this topic: http://forums.adobe.com/thread/304916?tstart=0

The person who posted just prior to my last post in the topic seems to have gotten wrong info from someone at Adobe, and I think it would be good to clear it up.