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How I can collect data


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I have in my place a large number of copiers.

Every department has to send me every month the total of copies they have print.

I have create a form with a DDlist(All departments) and a Field named Total number of copies.

Departments send the form as .xml file.

How I can import all these xml files into one Form, so I can have all departments with their data together?

Thank you

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Level 9


You can not import more than one XML into a form at the same time. If you do, it will over write the previous xml. One option would be open xml-1 of a form in notepad. Then edit the text with another xm-2. For ex :

In the form-1 if you have the following xml :




In the form-2 if you have the folllowing xml :




Then you need to combine these two xmls through note pad which matches the form name of combinedform. Like ;





I guess this could be one solution.