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How does one strip out all Live Cycle data from a PDF and rebuild the form fields in Acrobat?


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Someone in a different department built a bunch of forms in Live Cycle. We now need to make minor edits to these forms but we all have Macs and can't use Live Cycle. Currently our only option to change a date and a name on each form  is to buy a new Windows workstation, buy a copy of Live Cycle and train someone for it.

I understand the Live Cycle technology and Acrobat technology for forms are somehow different but there must be a way to just strip out all the Live Cycle form programming so that I just have the bare PDF with the text and layout.  Then make the text edits and rebuild the form fields in Acrobat.

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Open the livecycle form in acrobat then save as something else like doc or excel or even an image.

Convert back to pdf and you have a clean base.

Try different ways find the best looking base form.

Some websites have converters as well.

I hope this helps.