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How do I specify a Application when creating or accessing a Room using RTC API


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We would like to separate our room instances between development and production.  In the room console we can create two applications "Development" and "Production."  We would like all requests for createRoom and getRoomInfo to be filtered by Application.

Is "My Applications" really supposed to be call "My Templates?"  and if so how can we filter the list of rooms by template/application?

Some clarification on this topic would be appreciated.


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Applications and Templates are really the same thing. Internally we are really dealing with the original template used to create the room but for accounting purposes we call the group of rooms created from the same template "application" (and we charge by application).

So, createRoom has a "template" parameter to which you can pass your application/template name (development or production).

getRoomInfo doesn't distinguish between templates so you'll need to keep the list of production rooms in a database you mantain.

listRooms does return the template name as part of the returnend info but again doesn't allow filtering by template name.

finally, rooms are really stored all in the same "bucket" so you cannot have the same room name for production and development (if you want to keep similar names you'll have to add a prefix / suffix to distinguish them)


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Thanks Raff for the clarification.  We'll most likely using a staging vs. production prefix to all room names we create.  We may maintain separate a development template for introducing new application features (collections, attributes, etc.)