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How do I save a form in Designer in order to use a scribble signature?


Level 2

I am creating a form that will be used on a Windows tablet.  It is used to collect information from a client, and requires the client and the person collecting the information to sign the form.

I saw that Scribble Signature allows this.  However, when I saved the form in Designer, then I opened the form on a Windows 8.1 tablet using Adobe Reader DC, clicked on the signature box, and it asked for a file on the tablet to insert.  It did not give me a dialog box to enter a signature via stylus, finger or mouse.

What do I need to do in Designer to get it so the form can be saved after it has been filled out and I can use the scribble signature to collect signatures on a Windows tablet?

Thank you for any assistance you can provide.  This is not well documented anywhere I can see.

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Level 10

The scribble signature is only available for HTML forms rendered by a LiveCycle server, I'm afraid.


Level 2

Yeah, I figured that one out.  The process to do this is not clear in the documentation.

Do you know of any documentation that clearly details the process to get the form where it needs to be?

I appreciate your response.