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How do I make a field change based on characters entered


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Good Afternoon,

I have created a form in which I have a comments section. The comments section is a text field, I have allow multiple lines turned on.

What I would like is for the font to change to a smaller font, if needed to alow more characters.


I would like the field to expand down to allow more information to be entered.

Does anyone know if this is possible?

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In your text field go to the Font tab, it should say at the top of that tab "Currently editing Caption and Value..." and there is an arrow next to it. Click on that arrow and select "Value", then set the font size to 0. The font will dynamically change to a smaller font based on the number of characters within the field. Your font size will then depend on the length and width of the box you add so you may need to futz with the size of the text field to get the right font.



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Another option is to keep the font size consistent throughout the form by allowing multiple lines in your text field and on the layout tab allow Y axis to expand to fit.