How do I lock PDF before e-mailing so that it cannot be altered by the recipient?



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Actual Question:

I've created a form in LiveCycle which will be seen and filled by users who only have Reader.


Once the form is completed, the user has to click three buttons: one prints the page (for a specific paper-based usage required by the filler of the form). The same button  sends the entire form to one e-mail address.


The second button prepares the form for submission to a second e-mail recipient. This recipient must not be able to see some of the filled fields on the form. As well as setting these fields to invisible, the second button also hides key fields behind a text message, telling the second recipient where to find the information that is most useful to them on the form. Again, this recipient will be using only Acrobat Reader.


Everything works fine, apart from when it comes to e-mailing the form to the second recipient. I've used various scripts I've found on this forum and elsewhere to lock fields before sending and I've extended Reader rights in Acrobat. But, whatever I do, the form received by the recipients is STILL editable, the "invisible" fields are visible again and also editable,  and the test box that obscured key fields has become invisible again.


I've already tried using a range of scripts that I've found both on this forum and elsewhere (including Paul Guerrett's 'Lock All Fields' and 'Lock All Fields Not Buttons' scripts. I've also tried using the scripts in different 'events' - mouse up, mouse down, click etc.


What am I doing wrong? I've spent days trying to figure this out and I'm getting nowhere.


I am  a JavaScript novice, by the way. So please keep it simple and (better still) provide working script! Thanks to anyone who can help

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I couldn't read everything you wrote but from the gist of your topic have you tried this?:

click on "Passwords and Permissions" on that page to get an iFrame popup that details how you can protect your document.