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How do I fix inconsistent formatting in a drop down text field (value)?


Level 1

I am working with a form in Livecycle and the form has a variety of form fields. The problem I am having is that the position of the text in the value fields of some of my drop down box fields is not consistent. I have tried to figure out what the possible differences might be that are causing this but I am getting no where. Even when I cut and paste a field the text positioning is not consistent (see example 1)

Am I missing a formatting field somewhere that controls this?

example 1

livecycle value formatting1.jpg

as you can see the text formatting in the value fields are positioned differently. they are the same fields (cut and pasted)

example 2

livecycle value formatting2.jpg

More examples of my issue.

Any help would reall be appreciated!

2 Replies


Level 8

Are you resizing the dropdown or using the default size?  What's the font and font size?


Level 1

It has been a while since I made the form, but I believe I resized many of the dropdowns.

I am using arial font size 10.5 for all the dropdowns.