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How do I establish a connection between two forms?


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We previously had JetForms and whilst obsolete and ugly users liked the fact that they could use them to pre-poulate common fields across different forms.

This was achiveved by filling in a form that in turn would generate an .xls file in the users personal drive.  By clicking on a button in other forms it will populate the fields with those completed in the xls file.

From what I've seen this should be relatively simple to replicate using Adobe LiveCycle Forms but my question is how do I start?  Presumably I can set up a Personal Details Form that generates an XML data file but how do I specify where I want the file to be saved and its file name?  How can I then extract that data from the XML file to populate a different form?

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If I understand correctly, you would like to save the data entered in one PDF form and save it as an .xml file in your local file system. And then reuse the same .xml file to populate another forms..

You can open the form in Adobe Acrobat and goto Forms -> Manage Form Data -> Export. Then you will be prompted to choose a destination folder and file name.

After you save the .xml file in your local

Open the second PDF form in Acrobat and then goto Forms -> Manage Form Data -> Import and choose the file that you had saved previously.

Hope this helps.





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Thanks for this Srini.

I have tested this out on our stand alone machine and it works perfectly.

The problem we have is that our users do not have access to Acrobat Professional on the networked machines.

They will access the forms via Reader using Internet Explorer.

We have experimented with a simple form and have found a kind of solution.  We set up a single field form and then generated preview data for it called test3.xml.

The form has two buttons.





This achieves what we want BUT ideally it should be seamless.

We want to minimise the amount of clicking and finding the appropriate XML file by ensuring that the generated XML file from the Update Details Form is saved to a specific location and a specific file name and that these cannot be changed by the users.

The aim being that we can bind that file to the form so when users open them it will automatically populate the fields or at the very least they just click a button to import their data.

We've run into difficulties when trying to specify a location either in the script window or the Submit to URL field in the Object menu.  It is not clear whether this is a syntax problem or a security problem but nothing seems to work and the user help makes no mention of saving an xml file directly to a local drive.