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How do I auto-refresh a calculated drop-down field when it is based on another calculated field?


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I have an expanding table with a calculated total. Based on that total, I am running an action that populates a drop-down menu with the correct information. However, the drop-down does not populate when the total changes but rather when the total value is selected and then exited. I cannot find anywhere that I can indicate that I would like the drop-down to update when the total changes, rather than when the field is exited. The total field cannot be overwritten, so there is no reason for anyone filling in the form to exit the field.

The fields:

Form fields visual.PNG

Sample Action:


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Why you don't add a script to the calculate event of the total field?

DOFATitle.rawValue = this.rawValue < 10000 ? "Manager" : "";


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Hi radzmar,

Thank you. I have tried that, but it had no effect.


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I don't think you will be able to do this with the action builder, but try this JavaScript in the calculate event of the DOFATitle field

(!Total.isNull && Total.rawValue <= 9999.99) ? "Manager" : "";