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how do i auto fill in text fields via check or radio button?


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im using this for the first time and i have adobe live cycle designer version 7.0 i am trying to make a shipping request form. sometimes

it is picked up at point "A" and delivered somewhere

and sometimes

it is picked up somewhere and delivered to point "A".

i am using the generic templates that seem to be close to what i am looking for. i am using the bill of lading from the forms provided with the software they have text fields already for shipper and receiver.

i am trying to put a button above the shippers info column that says "pick up at billing address" and it will fill in for me all the billing info into the shippers boxes and the same for receiving, except that button will say "deliver to billing address"

there seems to be a lot to understand with this software and im more then a little lost here any help would be appreciated 

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