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How can I write a document to a shared folder ?


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Hi, newbie developer in workbench here...I'm using Output service to generate PDF.

_ The foundation service "write" seems to be useful just to write document in the livecycle server; how can I reach shared folder on another pc ?

_ Does somebody has examples that teach how specify destination URI of Output ? I wanna write to : nfsmount/myfolder

Thanks in advance !

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You should be able to use \\shared_folder\foldername



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Did you ever get this working?  How is your security set up for

your process.  Are you using run as Invoker or a named user?  Please help?


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We used the WRITE FileUtilsService with this input :

Pathname Pattern (template)


Document (variable)

Pdfdocument (a document object containing the pdf to write)

with this setup you can write to a shared folder in the server running

workbench, you can't reach external resources so no problem relative to security

and user.

then we use a java class running on the server to move the pdf from the local

folder to the final location.