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How can I make a text field flow from one text field to another once filled. Then also flow to page two if all lines are full on page one?


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I have three text lines on a document that I need to flow from one to another so typing continues.  Then, if the three lines are full, I want the text to auto flow to the second page text lines.  I cannot seem to do this in normal Adobe, but how do I do it in Adobe LiveCycle?

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I wish i could help more, but my notes i wrote for myself arent helping me. I did work this out once and should have saved my example but didnt.

Anyway, this can be achieved using content areas. You can add multiple content areas to the master pages. Textboxes placed within the content areas can be set to redirect the overflowed text to another content area when it is full.

Your form must be flowed for this.

For example, I made two new content areas (left and right) on the master page. I placed two textfields in the left content area of a new page (not master). When you resize the first textfield and make it bigger, it will push the second textfield to the right content area.

Click the page where the textfields are located and select the Pagination properties on the Object tab. The first item 'Place' is used to select where to start filling text. Click the menu to the right and select 'In Content Area - Left'. The After property is for where the text should go after the content area is full. This is where i cant get it to work, but this is the gist of it. The text should 'wrap' to the next content area when the textfield is full.