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How can I automically deselect a checkbox once the maximum number of checkboxes have been selected?


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I found a script below online that works supposedly well. I just need to know how I can get this code to work in livecycle on my pdf form as I am a novice in coding. If someone can attach an example in pdf form that would be great. Thanks!

<SCRIPT LANGUAGE="javascript">
function KeepCount() {

var NewCount = 0

if (document.joe.dog.checked)
{NewCount = NewCount + 1}

if (document.joe.cat.checked)
{NewCount = NewCount + 1}

if (document.joe.pig.checked)
{NewCount = NewCount + 1}

if (document.joe.ferret.checked)
{NewCount = NewCount + 1}

if (document.joe.hampster.checked)
{NewCount = NewCount + 1}

  if (NewCount == 3)
alert('Pick Just Two Please')
document.joe; return false;

I got this code from here: Checkboxes: Only Two

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