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Highlight Text on Action


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I'm attempting to create a document where a user can click on a question mark, be redirected to the bottom of the document where additional help verbiage is located and then highlight that text in some fashion to help the user focus on where on the page they should be looking.

The method that I'm currently using to highlight the text is Subform1.fillColor = "225,225,225";

Unfortunately I have a few issues.  I would like the next button the user clicks to clear any existing highlighted areas.  I would like to have this option reset all existing areas rather than having to target each area specifically but I'm having issues doing so.

The example on this highlighting tactic (http://partners.adobe.com/public/developer/en/livecycle/designer/pdfs/ChangingFieldAndSubformBGColor...) leveraged - xfa.form.remerge();  Unfortunately that will clear text boxes that users have already inputed data into, so I don't think that's a viable option.

The next idea I had was to set the color of all other subforms to it's original color (white), but for some reason I can't get rid of the borders that were created when the area was highlighted.  I'ved tried to set the color of the border to match the color of the fill on set and when I was trying to white out both areas.  Unfortunately both attempts left a black border around the subform.  This method would also require clearing out many subforms which doesn't sound efficient.  Below is some sample code and the example form is attached.


Help_Text_1.Subform1.fillColor = "225,225,225";

Help_Text_1.Subform1.borderColor = "225,225,225";

Help_Text_1.Subform2.fillColor = "255,255,255";

Help_Text_1.Subform2.borderColor = "255,255,255";

Does anyone have any thoughts on better ways to handle this issue or see any flaws in my code?  Thanks for the help.

Example - https://www.dropbox.com/s/b8u3ajrl8b8wbro/Due%20Diligence%20Questionnaire%20-%20Retirement-mkv11.pdf...

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