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Help with JavaScript.


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Hi Experts -

I have a JavaScript that worked well in Acrobat. Its function is to tick a checkbox when text is entered into a text field.  I'm trying to apply the JavaScript to do the same thing to another set of boxes (text field and checkbox) in LifeCycle. 

In LifeCycle - I have entered the JavaScript in Script editor, and have 'Show: Validate*'.  Unfortunately it is not working - any help  greatly appreciated. JavaScript from  forum expert kindly supplied is: 

this.getField("checkbox 1").checkThisBox(0, (event.value!=""));

Kind regards


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Hi Kevin,

A LiveCycle form has a different object model than an Acroform.  You might want to start with this information LiveCycle Learn & Support  .

But you probably want to have some JavaScript in the calculate event of the checkbox that refers to the text field, so works the other way round to the code you have, something like;

TextField1.isNull ? 0 : 1;

(You don't need a return keyword)

This assumes you haven't change the default checkbox values of on/off from 1 and 0.




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Thank-you, appreciate your reply. 

I'm going to look into this now. 

Thanks again