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Help with building a form


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Hello, I'm pretty new to LifeCycle and don't even know if this is the right program I should be using to do this but I thought I'd give it a shot.

The branch I work for in my company has been doing media planning up in Saskatchewan for about a year now. We build and distribute ads through small towns across Saskatchewan for all types of people. We have been building up a list of newspapers that we can use including the contact information and prices of various sized ads.

We don't have a way to reference all the newspapers quickly. We have to go back through prior folders and find each newspaper and their contact information before we can plan for the next ad run. What I would like to do is build a form that would be easy to just click on a drop down menu, find the newspaper that you want, and then all the information will pop up in a contact box below the drop down menu.

I've already build a mini drop down menu with about 10 newspapers to see if this will work but I don't know how to link the drop down menu item with another box that will open up all the contact and pricing info.

Can someone please help?


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you can do what you want with LiveCycle, and it might help you to look at this reference as it shows how to work with data ( it does depend how your data is stored)


If you data does not change very often then I would recommend just using an XML file to store the data and then use thebinding ability with possible some JavaScript to create the solution you would like.

Hope this helps



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sounds like you might be better with a simple Access database.  You can store all your details and query data quickly.