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Growing text from bottom to top !! IS it possible?


Level 2

Hello Everyone,

Does Live cycle ES4 or new version AEM forms designer 6.1 supports growing content from bottom to top? I have requirement where the disclaimer text needs to be placed at the bottom of the page which can grow. And it has to grow to top so that the disclaimer can ends at same place always.

I placed a Text filed with in Sub form and see the flow direction only " Top to bottom", "Western Text" and "Right to left" but no option like "Bottom to top" or grow up.

Is there any way to achieve this?

Thanks in advance for any help.



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Level 7

the only way I can think to achieve this would be via a table. You can start with one row. When a new row is needed and you click to add it, the row would be placed above the current content. Not sure if that would help


Level 2

I don't think that really works. We are not sure how much language can come in xml, some times it may need to grow up to half of the page from bottom.


Level 10

You can do this with a few lines of code.

Assuming you have a subform with a positioned layout that contains a multi-line textfield which should grow from bottom to top. All you need is the following script in the calculate event of the subform.

var nSubformH = parseFloat(xfa.layout.h(this, "mm"), 10),

    nFieldH = parseFloat(xfa.layout.h(this.Textfield1, "mm"), 10),

    nDiffH = nSubformH - nFieldH + "mm";

this.Textfield1.y = nDiffH;