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Getting error "Could not execute the query"


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I am using LS 2 to build a form that will pull data form an ERP system at work.  The data is on an IBM AS400 that I connect to threw an ODBC connection

I tested the connection with this statement:


FROM   "S101735A"."CAMISFIL"."ESSS01" "ESSS01"

WHERE  "ESSS01"."ESINV"=2151919

and it worked.

Next I tried the statement below.  The statement worked in Crystal Reports and Excel, but when I tried in Adobe I get the error “Could not execute the query”.

Any idea what is wrong with this statement?

SELECT "E9901"."E99NAM", "E9901"."E99AD1", "E9901"."E99AD2", "E9901"."E99AD3", "E9901"."E99CTY", "E9901"."E99STA", "E9901"."E99ZIP", "ESSS01"."ESINV", "E4"."E4NAME", "EG01"."EGSHOP"

FROM   {oj (("S101735A"."CAMISFIL"."E9901" "E9901" LEFT OUTER JOIN "S101735A"."CAMISFIL"."ESSS01" "ESSS01" ON "E9901"."E99INV"="ESSS01"."ESINV") INNER JOIN "S101735A"."CAMISFIL"."E4" "E4" ON "ESSS01"."ESCARR"="E4"."E4CARR") INNER JOIN "S101735A"."CAMISFIL"."EG01" "EG01" ON "ESSS01"."ESCORD"="EG01"."EGORDR"}

WHERE  "ESSS01"."ESINV"=2161574

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