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General Advice re Database connections


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I am looking at converting an existing form from its current configuration where all data is user entered, to a configuration where the form pulls data from a database stored on a network share.

My question is what versions of Acrobat / Reader / Livecycle are required to achieve this. I have looked at the diagram below that exaplins a lot but I want to check my understanding


The above suggests that to use a database connection I would need to 'Reader Enable' my form using Livecycle RE? Is this correct? Is there anyway to use a database connection without RE?

If it is the only way forward what are the options regarding RE? What is it exactly? How does the license work? Approx cost?

If it makes any difference - the form will likely be used <500 times in it's lifetime. My users will have Reader only.

Can anyone share their experience / knowledge here please?

Many Thanks in anticipation


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