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FormCalc If Statement -- Shows no error, but still doesn't work


Level 1
I have the following code, which, when I validate it, doesn't show any errors, and yet it isn't working:
//Generate Selector Code from Account Type
If (AccountType.rawValue eq 1 or AccountType.rawValue eq 3)
     then (SelectorCode.rawValue eq 147);
     elseif  (AccountType.rawValue eq 2)
     then (SelectorCode.rawValue eq 247);
     else (SelectorCode.rawValue eq 347);
Any ideas where I'm going wrong?
Thanks much
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Level 2

You'll need to change the "eq" operators to "=", the assignment operator, in your "then" statements, as well as in the final "else." "eq" is the alternate form for "==", the equality operator.