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Formatting problems on some PCs


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I've created a number of Livecycle Designer ES2 forms all of which display perfectly on my PC in Reader/Acrobat, but some of which have formatting problems on some of the PCs of my colleagues (though only on a few PCs). Specifically much of the text turns bold, some of the hanging indentation is lost, and some of the text even turns a different color.

Interesting it doesn't happen with all forms, only some, which is very perplexing.

I'm using the "univers" font and have "embed fonts" enabled (though Reader doesn't actually report that the fonts are embedded). I'm not sure if this an LC Designer Bug or something on the Reader/Acrobat side.

Any idea on where to look for the issue? It doesn't happen on my PC and my colleagues are remote, so it's difficult to try and debug.

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if Reader says the font is not embedded, then because it's not embedded.

So on systems where the used font is not preset Reader then uses a surrogate font, which may not work well in every scenario.

If you have set your form properties to embed the font but it's won't be embedded anyway the used font very likely forbids embedding in documents.

A font generally has one of these rights:

Protected > The font cannot be embedded

Print/Preview > The font can be embedded to view or print a document

Editable > The font can be embedded to view, print or edit a document

Installable > The font can be embedded in a document and wil be installed permanent on the system when the document is opened

You should check the licence of your font to determine what is true for you.


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That was it, thanks for the info.