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Form is fillable in Reader but not in Acrobat


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I created a fillable, saveable, password protected form in LiveCycle Designer 9.0. It works as intended if opened with Adobe Reader 9 and Adobe Acrobat X. But when I email it to myself at work and open it in Adobe Acrobat 7.0 Pro, it's still password protected, but not fillable. Why is this?

I have a previous incarnation of the form that does work correctly in both Reader 9 and Acrobat 7 Pro. Somewhere along the way I made some changes and now it doesn't work. Anyone know what I might be doing wrong?

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    Interactive PDFs created in Adobe Livecycle will work with the target version, which will be configured at File > Form Properties > Default: Choose version to run form.

   In you case what i assume (bad to say) but, you have created a PDF that works with Target version 9 or later for both Acrobat and Reader. So, when this sort of PDF form is opened in the earlier version, it provides undesirable results, and will not work properly. (For every new target version Adobe provides new functionalities to create PDFs.)

and as per the password, Adobe Acrobat has already provided with the security features in it, it works.

   So, Create an Interactive PDF on setting the target version 7.0.5 or later, and i think that should work.

Apologize, in case i am misunderstanding your question.




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Hi Rajesh,

Thanks for your input. That sounded like it could be my answer, but when I

went to check the target versions I'd selected I already had "7.0.5 or

later." The version of Acrobat we use at work is 7.1.0, so I think it should

be working because 7.1.0 is later than 7.0.5, right? (On the "About" splash

screen it says Adobe 7.0 but in the smaller print it says Version 7.1.0.)

Any other ideas?



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Did you see any errors in the Javascript debugger when for is opened in Acrobat?


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Thanks for your reply. No, I didn't even know there was a Javascript

debugger. This is my first ever form. How would I go about checking that?