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Form Designed in LiveCycle will not work for End User


Level 1

Please Help!

I am a newbie to Adobe LiveCycle but recognized the utility in the program, so decided to give it a while to try and streamline some of my employer's forms.  After spending too much time learning how to design a form (much to the dislike of my boss), I am finally going to have to ask for some help.  So here's the deal:

I've designed a dynamic pdf in LiveCycle with two master pages and two repeating flowed subforms.  The first repeating subform is basically an expanding table intended to be used as a photographer's log where they can log each photo taken with the camera.  The expanding table has some code with a button at the top for the end user to enter the number of photos on the photo roll, click submit, and table expands to however many instances of rows are needed for each photo that was taken.  The second subform is basically an image field and text fields used as photo captions/photo compilation pages.  When the end user clicks submit on the first subform to expand the table, I also have javascript in that click event to also create same amouint of instances of the second subform (the photo compilation page(s)).  Each text field for the photo caption on the second subform is populated by the data entered into the photo log table cells.  I was able to find a script to correctly populate those fields for each instance of the table.  Wish I had the form here, but it's at work at the moment.

My problem is this: I've scratched and clawed to get all of the forms expanding correctly and the scripts populating each instance of the fields correctly and everything works great in LiveCycle preview.  I then saved the form as PDF for use by my field crew personnel (whom all use, at the very least, Adobe Pro 9, but most Pro X).  I sent the new form to them and they move it to their desktop, open it with Adobe Pro, and populate all of the fields and everything works swimmingly.  However, once they save it, it gets all jumbled and they can't even print it.  We even thought we found a workaround by entering all data and printing to PDF, but even that has turned out to not work.  I checked to make sure that I designed and saved the form in LiveCycle for use with the Adobe Pro versions, but still not working for my end users.

Anyone have any thoughts on my long explanation??  Please HELLLLPPPP!

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Level 2

Maybe you can put your form somewhere online so others can have a look at it.


Level 1


Thanks for your reply!  I created an Adobe Cloud public document and placed it here:

Any and all assitance is appreciated!


Level 2

Thanks !

Now, can you tell me how I can reproduce the error ?  What do I need to fill in, where ?

I added a photo on page 2, but see nothing appear on page 1.  Or this is the problem ?


Level 2

What are you trying to achieve with the  ["+i+"] ?


Level 1

The error(s) occur when trying to save the document.  I want each user to tell the first page how many rows they will need in the photo log table, so they would enter however many photos were taken in the box: "Number of Photos on Roll:"  ---> Then click the "Submit" cmd button.  That should expand the table.  Once it expands, it should also add the same amount of instances of the photo compilation page (2nd Page) as there are rows in 1st page table.  Then the user will populate each cell of the table on page 1 with data.  The data entered into the page 1 table cells will populate the text fields (photo caption) in Page 2 once the user clicks on the "Populate Captions!" cmd button in the lower left corner of the table on Page 1. 

The problem is in the distributing of the form to the user so they can save the form after populating the data.  I did a test run this morning and for some reason it did do the "print to PDF" correctly for 5 photos on the roll (though this has not been happening every time and especially for a large number of pages, ie. 80 photos).  However, after entering the data for 5 rows on page 1 and then populating the 5 photo compilation pages, I saved a copy as "Save As PDF" and closed the document.  Then re-opened the copy in Acrobat Pro X.  The new copy:

-had 5 additional rows added to Page 1

-Duplicates of some of the fields

-Only retained the 1st instance of the Second Page (Photo w/ Caption) and not all fields were populated

Again, this all works fine in the LiveCycle Preview but not anywhere else.  I do not have this set up to be linked to an external data source (YET) but there is javascript in the cmd buttons.  I also do not want to distribute this form to end users and then collect the data back from them.  I want them to be able to save a copy of my LiveCycle designed form, open in Adobe Pro, populate the data and save as many copies as needed for form production.


Level 2

Ok, had a look into the form.  Tell me if I am using it correctly.

I added a photo.  I then went back to page 1, added things in the table, pressed "update captions".  I noticed it updates the page2.

I saved, re-opened the form and all was gone.

You want that to be what you saved of course.

Is this the problem you are facing ?


Level 1

Intended use:

Step 1: populate all fields in the header on Page 1 (the text field "Roll" is globablly bound to the text field "Roll" on the repeating subform Page 2 (photo caption))

Step 2: Enter the appropriate value into the "Number of Photos on Roll" and click submit. This is to tell the form to expand the table on Page 1 to X amount of rows according to how many photos were taken on the photo roll. The data entered into the specific table rows on Page 1 provides descriptive information for each photo on the roll.

Step 3: Once you click submit for the number of photos on the roll, the table should add the corresponding instances of table rows AND add that number of instances of Page 2.

Step 4: Populate the data within the table rows.

Step 5: Click "Populate Captions" cmd button.

Essentially, the first subform (Page 1) is to enter specific data for each photo on a photo roll. The second subform (the image field and caption) is to assemble the actual photo image and the text fields are automatically populated by the data entered into the cells of the table in the first subform (Page 1).

You are correct in that I am having a problem with the saving of data. Except when I do it on my PC, it saves some data, duplicates others, and deletes instances of Subform 2.

Thanks for your help and patience!