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Flowed Subforms Aren't Contracting Properly


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Hi, I am building a form where it starts out with a yes/no. If they hit yes, they answer the next section (let's call this Section A), but if they hit no, they skip Section A and go straight to Section B. I have set Section A to HIDDEN (exclude from layout), and I have used the Action Builder to put in the commands "if yes is clicked, set Section A to visible" and "if no is clicked, set Section A to hidden." I have also gone through and made sure all subforms are set to Flowed, Top to Bottom, and the "Allow page breaks" option checked. I have also ensured all subforms have "Continue Filling Parent" checked under Pagination. The form expands properly, but it doesn't contract correctly. It seems to be contracting page by page. Section B is visible (because everyone has to answer it), but instead of this section contracting all the way up to the original question on page one (since Section A is set to hidden), it contracts up to the top of it's original page (page 2). I'm left with a huge blank space on page 1. I've read a ton of posts and haven't been able to find the answer. I would appreciate ANY help. Thank you!

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Can you send me the file and I will look at it. mousland@gmail.com


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In the Layout panel, try setting the height of subform Section A to 0, and check the "Expand to fit" box. This will allow the subform to grow as needed.