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Fill cell colour based on drop down menu value


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I have found many examples that I've tried to use to solve my problem but none work for me so I thought throw in the towel and see if someone can explain this to me.

I have created a form that has a table where the user can add as many lines as they want.  Inside the table there a drop down field called pastdue with a YES and NO option (it looks something like this: form1.audit.Table1.Row.pastdue).  I would like to have all fields in the table row fill with yellow or red if the drop down value is equal to Yes and stay clear if no value is selected or a NO value is selected.

Or even better: on the same form the user fills in a date the item expires using a drow down calander. Is it possible that if the current date exceeds the date in that field, all cells in the row turn yellow or red?

I understand that the script involved may depend on the type of fields in the table row.  I'm using text, date/time, numeric, etc. fields.

Thanks in advance for any help you can provide.


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