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extract and email specific page


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Ok, so I have a 2 page form.  I have a pre-travel form and a post travel questionnaire.  What I would like to do is be able to send out the two page from, have the person complete the information on the first page, hit a button that will email JUST page 1 to myself and another person (or a distro box).  When they return, they would complete the second page and the button to submit via email would only send the second page of the form. 

Is this possible or am I living in a dream world?  I am using livecycle for the first time.  I'm decently knowledgeable of JavaScript BASICS but right now when I preview PDF, I have to enable all features/trust host then it gives me a JavaScript disabled notice at the top as well.

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The easiest way to do this (what I call 'workflow lite') is to keep the form 2 pages, but hide/show the material that shouldn't be shown as appropriate.    You can keep state in the form easily by using, say hidden checkboxes or other means.

btw, the 'preview PDF' feature never worked for me - I have to test the form in Acrobat.