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Extending a document in Adobe Acrobat if you have purchased and own LiveCycle Reader Extensions


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I work for an organization that has purchased adobe livcycle designer suite which includes Livecycle reader extensions. However we do not really have a need (besides perhaps per the EULA), nor the technical support to extend reader documents using the server based LiveCycle Reader extensions. We will definitly be collecting info from over 500 receipients so per the adobe acrobat license agreement:

16.8.3 For any unique Extended Document, Customer may only (a) Deploy that Extended Document to an unlimited number of recipients, but Customer shall not extract data from more than five hundred (500) instances of such Extended Document (or any hardcopy representation of that Extended Document) that contains data from a recipient; or (b) Deploy an Extended Document to no more than five hundred (500) recipients without limits on the number of times Customer may extract data from a recipient from that Extended Document. Obtaining additional licenses to use Acrobat Standard, Acrobat Pro, or Adobe Acrobat Suite shall not increase

the foregoing limits (that is, the foregoing limits are the aggregate total limits regardless of how many additional licenses to use Acrobat Standard, Acrobat Pro, or Adobe Acrobat Suite the Customer may have obtained). For the avoidance of doubt, if Customer purchases another Adobe product or service that allows Customer to send a greater number of PDF files or forms (e.g. Adobe FormsCentral or Adobe LiveCycle Reader Extensions), then the terms of that Adobe product or service shall supersede the terms of this Section 16.8.3

Given the very last sentence, it sounds me like since my organization has provided me with a copy of LiveCycle Reader extensions I can extend the adobe document using adobe acrobat if I wish, and still be within the terms of the EULA, is this the correct interpretation? I would prefer not to actually use the LiveCycle reader extensions as once again we do not have the technical support, nor the need for this server based solutions.

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