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Expanding Table w/ Drop Down List hidden/visible Subforms


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I have an expanding flowed table (MultHulls) which has 6 columns. In one of the six columns I have a Drop Down List (BCRAction) which has 3 options (Add, Delete and Reschedule) and currently the event I have chosen for this is ready:layout Javascript. The intent of the JS in this object is, if the user uses one or multiple rows and all rows they select Delete than specific subforms throughout the document should be hidden. If the user selects Add or Reschedule than these same subforms should be visible or take the input from FormCalculate which hides/makes visible these subforms. If the user were to select at least one row as Delete and others for Add or Reschedule than the rule should defer to the same as if there were only Add and Reschedule.

The script I wrote in BCRAction seems to work but it is only working for subforms which are located on the same page as the expanding table (I tested this out by moving some of my subforms onto the same page as MultHulls?

I have not been able to figure this out and I am now being pressured by my work, can you please help?

The objects in question are BCRAction (Delete scenario subform hide/visible script) and FormCalculate (Time period/platform type/Alteration type script)

I need the script in BCRAction to supersede the script in FormCalculate IF the user selects only Delete on all rows otherwise the script in FormCalculate should execute. Capture.JPG

    How can I insert my PDF file????

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