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Expandable text fields expanding up instead of down after saving the doc?


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I have several text  fields that are set  to multiple lines and expand to fit.  These things work fine.  However, after saving the doc and reopening the form the fields are expanding up instead of down, and overlaping other fields.  I must have some setting wrong but I don't know what it is.  Help, anybody!

Thank you.

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It is difficult to say without seeing the form.

When setting objects to expand, you will need a flowed layout.

This example looks at positioned and flowed subforms: http://assure.ly/eSGQMt

This example looks at expanding objects in positioned subforms (wrong) and flowed subforms (correct): http://assure.ly/e2jR0C.

I suspect that your form structure is not correct and that some of the containers are not set to flowed.

Can you post your form? If so upload it to Acrobat.com, publish it and then share the published link here.



Level 2

Niall, you were right. One of my subforms wasn't set to flowed.

Thank you very much.


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