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Exclude some pages from numbering in DDX


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I have a need to exclude certain pages/documents from displaying the page number in an assembled document.

For example, if there are 10 documents that i'm assembling together, a few documents in between should not have the Page numbers in the Footer.

i.e. if these 10 documents contribute to a total of 20 pages, currently it displays as Page 1 of 20, Page 2 of 20 etc.

If i do not want say about 5 pages to display the number, it should display as Page 1 of 15, Page 2 of 15, followed by the 5 pages that do not have the page numbers, and then remaining pages like Page 3 of 15 etc.

Currently we use DDX Footer tags like "<_PageNumber/> of <_LastPageNumber/>".

Below is a sample DDX that we use.

Please assist me on this.

Sample DDX:

<?xml version='1.0' encoding='UTF-8' ?>

<DDX xmlns='http://ns.adobe.com/DDX/1.0/'>

    <PDF result='out.pdf'>

        <Footer replaceExisting='true'>


                <StyledText font-size='8pt' font-family='Helvetica'>

                    <p>Page <_PageNumber/> of <_LastPageNumber/>





        <Watermark rotation='45' scale='100%' opacity='10%' fitToPage='true'>

            <StyledText font-size='56pt' font-family='Helvetica'>






        <PageMargins left='0.5in' top='0.5in' right='0.5in' bottom='0.2in' alternation='None' />

        <PDF source='source0' bookmarkTitle='chap0'/>

        <PDF source='source1' bookmarkTitle='chap1'/>

        <PDF source='source2' bookmarkTitle='chap2'/>

        <PDF source='source3' bookmarkTitle='chap3'/>






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