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Enter sequence of numbers/letters into table cell to obtain a predetermined result in adjacent cell


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I am using Liveclye Designer ES 8.2.  I have a table with two columns.  A user will enter a code number in Column 1 that has four numbers and a letter (i.e. 1234B).  Codes could be in a range of any number from 0101A through 8999A, 0101B through 8999B and so on.  Based on the letter entered, I want column 2 to show a corresponding size.  A letter "A" in the code number would show "1 L" in the second column, a letter "B" would show "750 ML" or a letter "D" would show "200 ML" etc.

I am trying to use FormCalc and am not sure how to go about this.  Is there a possibility that someone could show me the appropriate language structure?


Column 1     Column 2

  0669A           1 L

  6522D       200 ML

  7001B       750 ML


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