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Email Submit button trying to save


Level 2

When I use the email submit button it is trying to save the form instead of attaching it to an email.  Started doing this since changed OS to WIndows 7 from XP

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Level 10

Are you using submit button or you are using the mailDoc method to submit the form as email?


Level 10

instead of using the submit button, use the normal button to send it via email

Insert this code to send it via email

var oDoc = event.target;


                                                                                bUI: false,

                                                                                cTo: "DGASAT.ACQBTHS@tpsgc-pwgsc.gc.ca",

                                                                                cCC: "",

                                                                                cSubject: "THS Extension Request - " + this.resolveNode("Main1.frmPart1.frmInformation.frmCallUpInfo.txtCallUpRef").rawValue,

                                                                                cMsg: "Before submiting the email, include attachments 1, 2 and 3:\n"


Also if you want to validate your form before submitting, you can check before submitting it by email with this

if (form1.execValidate()){




Level 2

Hi Robert,

Thanks for your response,

I am using the email submit button, it tries to save the form on my computer which has windows7. I tried it on another computer with windows 7 and it attached the form to an email in outlook. It works fine on laptops with XP, thinking it is a setting on my PCM.


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Level 10

if you try the mailDoc method shown above, it should fix the problem