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Email start point


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Hi all,

I am using a Email start point in my process. I am able to extract attachments with .pdf extension.

However i am not able to access attachments with .msg/.octet-stream extension.

I have a requirement that i need to extract the .msg file that comes in with the original email. I could not find any suitable extension which is supported in livecycle.

I have tried *.msg, *.octet-stream, *.*, *  and *.html but no luck.

Please let me know the same.

Any info regarding this would be of great help.


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At which step are you exactly facing the issue. Can you elaborate more.

Are you extracting attachments in executeScript step using patExecContext scripts?

if yes are you extracting attachments with their attribute "wsfilename"

You can also use LC TaskManager API to get all the attachments for a task by just providing taskId.




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I guess the reason you aren't able to access attachments other than pdf is that, in Email Start point configuration, we need to provide file type extensions in FilePattern input.



File Pattern: 

A pattern that matches the file names of attachments that are used as input to the process. The value is case-sensitive. The following examples illustrate valid values:

  • *.pdf uses all files with the file name extension .pdf.
  • data uses all files named data.
  • *.[dD][aA][Tt] uses all files with the file name extension .dat regardless of letter case. For example, both of the files named file1.Dat and file2.dAt are used.

Let me know if this fixes your issue.




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Thanks for info Prashast.

We tried the same but none seems to be working.

Not sure how to extract the .msg attachment from email endpoint.

Also, Could anyone tell us where does all the emails go after email endpoint gets invoked.

All the emails disappear from inbox, and should be there in some folder.

Any idea as to where would they be stored.

Any info on this would help us.