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Email Button - To: line blank and Cc: line with names listed


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I created an email button and I don't want the To: line filled with name(s) only the Cc: line this is what I have so far. What am I doing wrong?



var sub

sub = CTitle.rawValue;

var ebody

ebody = "The attached file is the filled-out form. Please open it to review the data."

  1. event.target.submitForm({cURL

:"mailto: "";?&cc=K.A.@aol.com,T.P.@aol.com;;&subject="+sub+"&body="+ebody,cSubmitAs:"PDF",cCharset:"utf-8"});


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Level 2

This works in a submit button:

mailto:?cc=K.A.@aol.com,T.P.@aol.com?subject=example subject

This works on any other event:



Level 2

I receive an error message:

Microsoft Outlook does not recognize " "

This is what have I have in the "on click" event: