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Editing values in drop down lists


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I have added a long list of values to a drop down copying the values from excel (using the pasted from clip board option).

My question is how can I remove all these values and copy in a new updated list.

Using Adobe Live cycle version 11

Thank you


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Hi Shiri,

There is no option within Designer to do this but you could use a macro.  Once created you would select your drop-down list and then select Tool ... Macros ... Delete all list items.

So, you will need to create a sub-folder under the installation directory of Designer, so for Designer ES 3 something like;

C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES3\macros\br001

The br001 is optional just in case you have other macros you want to keep separate.

Then create a macro.xml which just maps the label shown in the tools menu with the actual JavaScript code file, so

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>



        <label>Delete all list items</label>




Then in the same directory  the DeleteAllListItems.js file

var complete = false;

var selection = designer.getSelection();

if (selection.length === 1) {

    var object = selection.item(0);

    if (object.className === "field" && object.ui.oneOfChild.className === "choiceList") {


        complete = true;



if (!complete) {

    designer.alert("Invalid selection.  Select a Drop-down List object");





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Hi Again Bruce,

Thank you for your answer.

I saved the   2 files as you suggested under the C;\Program Files 86 \ Adobe \ Adobe Livecycle Designer ES4.
Created a folder macros and the 2 files there.

How do I get Livecycle to show Macros under Tools ?


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You will need to create a folder called "macros" at that level, and then optionally a folder to group the macros and restart Designer and they will just show up.

So, should be

C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES4\macros\br001\macro.xml


C:\Program Files (x86)\Adobe\Adobe LiveCycle Designer ES4\macros\br001\DeleteAllListItems.js


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Thanks again - but unfortunately I believe I am still missing something ...

This is where I saved the files :


Yet I don't see the macros folder under Tools in Designer :


Your help is appreciated. ..


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Maybe you do need to have another level of folders, I didn't think that was the case but it looks to me like that is the only difference.

Try making another folder and move the files down.



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Perhaps you have to check under your "locale" folder