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Edit multiple PDF file at the same time, automation or batch in Adobe LiveCycle Designer


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Greetings everyone-

My first question is: Would it be possible to add an image to multiple PDF files at the same time using Adobe LiveCycle Designer?

My second question is: Is there a way to automate pdf modification so it can be used and applied to multiple PDF files? For example, if I am changing or modifying the default fonts, or the location of the input fields in one PDF file. I want those changes to be applied on multiple PDF files at the same time.

Please ask me any questions if you would like me to better explain what I am trying to do.

Thank you in advance for any help or tips.

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Try the forum for LiveCycle Designer.


Level 4

[Question moved to the LCD forum]


Level 10

Well, there is no batch mechanism in Designer but you can use stylesheet or fragments to use the same style or parts in different forms.

Check the documentation first: Adobe LiveCycle ES4 * Styles and Adobe LiveCycle ES4 * Using fragments