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Dynamically populated dropdown values are missing when instances are added


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HI Team

I have a subform which is repeatable have  a drop down  as one of the field which is dynamically populated from the web service call(short lived process) from the DB.On initialize event of the subform the data connection is executed .Dropown is populated with the values but when an instance of subform is added the dropdown values are missing.

Only in the first instance of a subform  dropdown values are showing up , when instances of subform is added the drop down values are missing.

Please let me how can i solve this issue,

Thanks in Advance


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Level 10

I've tried this option by adding some value (hard-coded) during initialize event of the subform and all values are populated in the newly added instances as well.

Not sure why it's not working for you.. Can you try adding some sample values without calling web service and confirm if it's working?