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Dynamic rows with survey questions


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I'm relatively new here and with Designer ES2 and have a question that I haven't found in the forums yet.

I am creating a survey form that will be prepopulated with data (for many fields) asking user to make needed changes and then asking new questions. I am expecting to bind this with XML or XLS data source to create the initial PDFs (Adobe version of Mail Merge??). Users will return the completed PDF or return just the XML via a submit button at the end.

In one particular place I would like to generate a table with a fixed number of columns. The number of rows would depend on the user. The column headers would be survey questions so the user would anser the question for each column in each row. Sort of like a spreadsheet. I need to create identifiers for each answer that make it clear the answer belongs to a particular row element. It would look like this on the form:

Name       |  Question 1  |  Question 2 |  Question 3  | etc.


Person 1  | Answer 1      |  Answer 2   | Answer 3     |  etc

Person 2  | Answer 1      |  Answer 2   | Answer 3     |  etc

Person 3  | Answer 1      |  Answer 2   | Answer 3     |  etc

Person 4  | Answer 1      |  Answer 2   | Answer 3     |  etc

First, if my description of the process is missing something that could make life easier, please let me know! Second, how do I create the dynamic table as shown above with the fields bound to dynamic elements on a distributed form?

Thank you in advance!

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