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Duplicating Signatures?


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I am working on creating a form with a "Carbon Copy" type of section on it; where the user fills out one section of the form, and it automatically duplicates to the second section.

Everything is going fine, except for the signature fields. The input section of the form has two signature fields which should be "copied" to the read-only section. I'm not certain how this can be accomplished with the signature fields.

Simply setting the value of one signature field to the value of another does not work, and signature fields do not allow for global data binding. I know that you can't un-sign a signature field without the original signing key--but since at the time of input you DO have the original signing key, is there a way to sign two signature fields at once? Any input on this would be greatly appreciated.

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There is some difference between the usual paper and ink signatures and digital signatures.

When a user applies digital signature then it is for the entire document (not a specific section of the document)

You might change the flow to copy the content to read-only section and ask users to apply digital signature on both the fields (though technically it is not needed)



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That's not entirely true; you can specify collections, and have the digital signature only apply to specific collections. That way different people can sign off on different fields of the form.

Worst case senario, we will just have the users sign twice, or just have the second signature field changed to a text field that reads something like "Original copy signed" when the first signature field is signed off on. However, I'd really like to get it so that signing one field automatically signs the second field as well. This will better mimic the usability of the form from paper carbon copies to a digital format.

I hope this clarifies somewhat.