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Duplicating a static version of a dynamic table in same form


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I'm creating a contracting template form where I a cover page that holds all the user entered fields. Names, dates, amounts, applicable contract terms etc. Once completed it a click event makes the contract visible with all the data populated from the cover page.

The issue is I have a dynamically expanding table for the payment schedule (see below).


Row 1 is fixed as they'd always have 1 payment that is due when the contract is signed, but row 2 lets them schedule installment payments. The footer totals the Amounts in column 3 and validates that it equals the total amount of the agreement. Everything works like a charm.

What I need is for this table to be then copied to a later part of the form as a static table based on the completed dynamic table on the cover page. I'm attempting to have the cover page be the only place where users are entering information. I can always put the dynamic form into the payment portion of the contract but want to avoid it if I can.

Is this even possible?  I feel like I'm missing something simple. I've searched for previous questions on the topic and had little luck or the links to examples are no longer active. I'm only self taught and most of what I've found has not been explicitly detailed for someone who just follows tutorials.

Any help is greatly appreciated!


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