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DSC classloading issues


Level 3

Hi, does anybody have had problems with livecycle caching old version of a class that is in a DSC?

The problem I had is when I changed the structure of a class and deploy the dsc, livecycle doesn't pickup the changes in the class, unless I restart livecycle.

When I say livecycle doesn't pickup the changes, i meant that I invoke a process via Flex amf endpoint, which will pass a as3 class to the amf endpoint of the process. After that, livecycle internally translates

the as3 class to a java pojo which exist in the dsc. When livecycle is translating the as3 to pojo, it throws an exception:


  Exception: flex.messaging.MessageException: DSC Invocation Resulted in Error: class flex.messaging.io.SerializationException : Creation validation for class 'a.b.c.Person' failed.

at flex.messaging.util.ClassUtil.validateCreation(ClassUtil.java:357)

at flex.messaging.util.ClassUtil.createDefaultInstance(ClassUtil.java:118)

at com.adobe.idp.dsc.provider.impl.lcr.ServiceInvoker.createFromASObject(ServiceInvoker.java:557)

at com.adobe.idp.dsc.provider.impl.lcr.AdobeGeneralRemotingProvider.checkParams(AdobeGeneralRemotingProvider.java:466)

at com.adobe.idp.dsc.provider.impl.lcr.AdobeGeneralRemotingProvider.invoke(AdobeGeneralRemotingProvider.java:261)

at flex.messaging.services.RemotingService.serviceMessage(RemotingService.java:183)


But after I restart the server, everything works fine. Without restart, I did tried changing the version on the component.xml as well as deinstalling the dsc and reinstalling it again, but still it doesn't pickup the changes in the classes which resides in the dsc.

The LiveCycle version I am using is:

Version:, Production       Service Pack Version: SP1

Any help is much appreciated.

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Level 1

Did you solve it , paultjw ?

It seems like nothing is wrong ! And there is no source code to place a breakpoint !


Level 3

No, i try to change the minor version number to in component.xml to force

LC to use the new changes, yet to see any errors coming up.

Do you face the same issue?


Level 1

I solved it after many hours of tries .

It was my bad:

I copy/paste <validators> tag in services-config.xml from the sample,

Emptying <allow-classes> tag was not a good idea. Had to remove the whole <validators> or list down all white-classes/packages