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Dropdowns, dropdown values and databinding


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I'm a bit confused and lost.

On a form I created, I have 6 drop down boxes. These 6 drop down boxes use unique specified item values for the list items

Drop down box 1 has list items: Cheque, debit card, credit card, other

Drop down box 2 has  list items: John, Sally, George, Peter

Drop down box 1 3 5 are globally bound to each other as are 2 4 6 bound to each other.

In drop down box 1 if I select "other", box 3 and 5 also display "other" (working correctly)

In drop down box 2 if I select "Sally", box 2 displays "Sally" box 4 and 6 display the unique value assigned to "Sally" (Not working correctly)

How do I force drop box 4 and 6 to display the text and not the specified item value?

Also what if I want to have a drop box where I select a list item value (e.g. "Other") but have the document display the specified item value instead?

So using the example above, in drop box 1, I select "Other", drop box 1 3 and 5 display "11123" (the unique specified item value)

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Sounds like dropdown box 4 and 6 don't have the items values set up correctly.  If you assign a value to the dropdown that is not in the list it will just display that value.

I'm not sure I understand the second part of your question, as isn't that the current behaviour for dropdown box 4 and 6.

Happy to look at your form, is you can upload it somewhere like Google Docs and post a link in this thread.