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Draft watermark - hide or show object in masterpage?


Level 2

I'm very new to this so am just learning as I go and realise that what I want to do may not be possible but here goes.

I have a livecycle form with extended user rights enabled so that the content can be saved.

However the user would like to be able to add a "draft" watermark to this while it is in progress and then remove it when the form is completed (it takes some time!!)

I know watermarks aren't possible with livecycle forms but I thought maybe I could cheat a little and insert a button at the end which would change show or hide a text object "draft" in the masterpage to basically turn a watermark on or off.

This doesn't seem to work though.

Is there anyway at all to allow the user to change the visibility of an object in the masterpage?

Thanks in advance if anybody can help.

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Level 6

I guess what you are trying is make objects on Master page visible/invisible based on user actions....I guess those are not supported. Once the form is rendered no updates to Master page appearance can be done. However if you are ok apply your changes before the form is rendered....you can use "pageSet" for referencing objects in Master page with in script segments.