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DDX Current Date Tim


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Hello everyone!

I'm have some issues with a built-in key while creating a PDF with a DDX. In "Assembler Service and DDX reference" there is a built-in key named "_DateTime" which is supposed to get current system time stamp.

I was expecting for example to create a DDX on Jan, 12 2016 at 14:30 and print it with Adobe Reader at 15:00 hours so my watermark should display the current date and time, in this case Jan, 12 2016 at 15:00 but it's not happening... the date printed equals the creation date somehow.

I'll leave that section of the DDX below:

<StyledText color="#0000ff" font="Arial" font-size="8pt" font-style="italic" font-weight="bold">

  <p>Printed on: <_DateTime styleReference="formatDate"/></p>


Is anyone else having trouble with this?

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