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Date Calculation question "Designer"


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I have a Date/Time field Called "RecievedHO"

I have a second field Called "QuoteDate"

I am trying to have QuoteDate display "RecievedHO" date plus 14 days

RecievedHO is a dropdown calandar option as an example you select 1/08/16 (format = dd/mm/yy)

I have QuotedDate (Text field) as FormCalc set on calculate*

I have

form1.#subform[0].Subform1.QuoteDate::calculate - (FormCalc, both)

RecievedHO + 14

if i select "1/08/16" then it should give a result of 15/08/16  instead i get "14"

Any held would be great

I have gone through the search questions but nothing seems to work.


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Level 2

Hello Craig-MDS,

Check out this sample I made for you.


I hope it helps.